The crisis management system should be reviewed.

Hannes Nagel, Crisis Research Centre.

The coalition agreement of the new composition of the Government of the Republic, which took office in mid-July, focuses on coping with crises. We have come to a state where the crisis is a new normality and so-called. No one even dares to predict the return to normal.

Although the new government’s term of just over half a year may seem short under normal circumstances, the coming autumn winter will be a major challenge. The fifth wave of the corona crisis, the energy crisis, the security threat and the climate crisis, which is already showing its face, will combine into a giant wave of the crisis in the months ahead. The coalition agreement also mentions “increasing the flexibility of the public sector to deal with crises” and the development of a modern “crisis management plan.” These two are perhaps the most important lines in the coalition agreement and need to be furnished as a matter of priority.       

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The article appeared in the Evening Leaflet on paper (No 172, p. 8) on 27 July 2022.




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