Intermarium 2.0 as a booster dose for Ukrainian integration

Hannes Nagel

The Intermarium was a post-World War I geopolitical concept that envisaged an alliance of countries from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea to the Aegean Sea, which would be a kind of third power block between Germany and Russia. How would reviving this idea benefit Ukraine now?

The consequences of Russia’s continued aggression in Ukraine will change the world in many respects from international law to nuclear safety, but also at local level, from regional cooperation to integration. Although Ukraine has now successfully applied to become a member of the European Union and every day confirms that it is worthy of NATO membership, it is perhaps more appropriate to focus on the time before that. It is now that key decisions will be taken that will lead Ukraine to full integration with Europe and the Western world, either at a closer time or at some time in the future.                                                                    

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The article was published in Sirb on 14 September 2022.