We help to manage crises more effectively!

We help to shape resilient organisations through the science-based development of crisis management. As a think tank, we research, analyse, initiate debates and make proposals to support the adaptive capacity of the public sector.


We have worked with

Estonian Rescue Board

Estonian Rescue Worker’s Union

Vormsi Municipality

Saaremaa Municipality

Hiiumaa vald

Hiiumaa Municipality

Swedish Institute

National Foundation of Civil Society

Malmö University

NGO Youth Supreme Council (Georgia)

Northern Tallinn District

The Bullying-Free School

AS Elering

We have been published by:

Tallinn University

Estonian Academy of Security Sciences

Estonian Defence League
Sileesia Ülikool Katowices

Silesian University of Technology

Centrum Balticum

Who do we work with?

We are a partner for state and research institutions in research of crisis lifecycle.
In doing so, we focus on pre-crisis management and the post-crisis learning process, in order to increase capabilities of organisations.

We support public sector organisations in three phases:


We identify the organisation's needs and opportunities.


We study the current situation and examine the management of recent crises that are relevant for your organisation.


We present a written proposal on how to improve the situation.

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Our services

Although we mainly carry out studies, reviews and reports that supports effective non-linear crisis management, we also:


initiate cross-cutting societal debates on crisis and civil defence issues


create and develop local crisis management networks for international cooperation


train, organize seminars and present papers at conferences and workshops


analyze and create concepts with a broad perspective

We are here for you

if you need help in mapping and developing crisis management systems for your organization or want to boost your crisis management capacity.