Through projects, we initiate local crisis management networks and develop them further in international cooperation, to jointly analyse crisis management and create comprehensive concepts. We are open to offers of cooperation and joint projects that overlap with the objectives and directions of the Crisis Research Centre.

Ongoing projects

Kopli 93 – the project will empower a community centre in Northern Tallinn in civil defence by acquiring basic crisis supplies and building capacity, as well as providing 20 local community members with basic skills to deal with various types of crises. This will result in a community centre in the city district, with the primary capacity to serve as a civil defence point and a centre of invincibility in crisis situations while supplies last.

The Kopli 93 community centre empowerment civil defence project is funded by the Estonian Ministry of Interior through the Estonian Civil Society Foundation and has a budget of 75 153,16 EUR. More information about the Kopli 93 project may be found in the news section here, as well as blog articles about its activities here.