Community members received mental first aid training during Crisis Skills Month

What is a depression traffic light, what have you missed due to anxiety, and how can you help a community member, friend, or colleague during a panic attack or anxiety? Answers to these and other concerns were sought at the mental first aid training in Kopli 93, which aimed to improve individual level civil defence capacities.

The Kopli 93 project’s first two days training gave participants a thorough rundown of mental first aid fundamentals, its significance, and how to apply what they learned to assist others. After providing an introduction of mental health, the trainer, Umberto Dorus Geerts from the NGO Peaasjad, concentrated on more specialised subjects like stress, crisis, trauma, depression, and suicide risk assessment.

Additionally, the current complex geopolitical and dangerous security environment was used to address anxiety and anxiety disorders, an urgent problem in society. Umberto also focused particularly on how to address these challenges and offered many methods for discussing and understanding them, which will foster the environment needed to assist others.

Participants got the chance to take an individual self-assessment at the conclusion of the session to check if they had retained the knowledge presented. We are grateful to Umberto Dorus Geerz (NGO Peaasjad) for leading the Kopli 93 civil defence project’s mental first aid training.

🟧  The Civil Society Foundation is supporting the Kopli 93 project on behalf of the Estonian Ministry of the Interior.
Photo: first training day (Crisis Research Centre, 2024).

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