TRAINING | Mental first aid

As part of Crisis Skills Month, the Crisis Research Centre and Tallinn’s Kopli 93 Community Centre will offer a free two-day course in mental health first aid on April 5 and 11. 

If you work at Kopli 93, like in the garden or the repair shop, or if you do any kind of manual work, you will need to find a bandage or clean up a small cut from time to time. The basics of giving first aid to people with wounds on their bodies are well known. But how do you give emotional and mental distress first aid, or mental health first aid?
SLike physical first aid, mental first aid can be done by anyone who knows how to do first aid and has been trained in it. You will be able to help someone with mental health problems by giving them initial support and information, and you will also be able to use basic self-help techniques to improve your own mental health.
The teacher is a psychologist from the NGO Peaasjad named Gea Ashilevi. It’s free and in Estonian, so anyone can take it. Everyone who takes part will get a certificate.
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The Civil Society Foundation is supporting the Kopli 93 project on behalf of the Estonian Ministry of the Interior.

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