Visiting Kuku radio: budget cut of internal security is nonsense

Hannes Nagel, head of the Crisis Research Centre, was a guest on Kuku Radio’s morning show on 4 June, and the topic was the increasingly thinner internal security and the cuts threatening it, as well as the state of civil defence in Estonia.

The visit to Kuku radio was motivated by an opinion piece published in ERR, in which Nagel described the concerns in the field of internal security and the dangers that may accompany cuts in the field. “Cutting internal security is a dangerous step in the current security situation. Like the Ministry of Defence, the sector should have remained untouched by the cuts, as internal security is one of the most important elements of comprehensive national defence,” Nagel said.

The radio programme also discussed learning from the Ukrainian experience. “In the area of civil protection, we have not learned much from the Ukrainian experience. I mentioned the fact that kindergartens and schools are being built in Estonia, for example state gymnasiums – new buildings, but no shelters. At the same time, Ukraine builds all new kindergartens and schools with shelters, without exception,” Nagel said.

Both the article and the radio visit can be summarised as follows: we continue to under-invest in internal security and civil defence, and it is the people who suffer the most in a serious crisis. However, if the rear is in difficulties, it poses a threat to the broader defence capabilities, thus strong internal security and population protection are an integral prerequisite for systemic national defence.

🎙️ Listen to the programme here (in Estonian), find the full article on the ERR portal.

Photo: Radio Kuku/Postimees, 2024.

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