TRAINING | How to survive in the city?

On May 11, as part of Crisis Skills Month, the Crisis Research Centre, in collaboration with Tallinn’s Kopli 93 Community Centre, will host a free practical training on how to survive in the city and what to learn from Ukraine.

The training will include practical training under the guidance of Womens Voluntary Defence Organization (branch of the Estonian Defence League) instructors and we will learn basic skills to survive in an urban environment in case of a serious crisis. Water, food and warmth are the most important things for survival, we will focus mainly on these three, but we will also talk about how Ukrainian civilians have learned to cope in war and how and with whom to evacuate themselves.

The trainers are experts from the Womens Voluntary Defence Organization. The training will be held in Estonian and is free of charge. Participants will receive a certificate.

The Civil Society Foundation is supporting the Kopli 93 project on behalf of the Estonian Ministry of the Interior.

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