The POMAA conference at the University of Gothenburg featured our paper

This week took us to University of Gothenburg, Sweden, to the POMAA (Public Organising, Management, Accounting and Auditing) conference.

Hannes Nagel, the head of the Crisis Research Centre, delivered a presentation at the conference that specifically examined the decision-making procedures employed during the initial phase of the Saaremaa municipality’s corona crisis. This phase refers to the period preceding the official declaration of a state of emergency. Furthermore, we obtained significant input from the conference regarding the final research paper.

“The dissemination of research findings on an international level is an essential part  of comprehending the evolution of crisis management systems. Although our issues may appear distinctive, crisis managers throughout Europe frequently encounter comparable obstacles. The sole solution is to comprehend the issues scientifically and, of course, to endeavour to resolve them,” noted Hannes Nagel, CEO of the NGO Crisis Research Centre and a junior researcher at Tallinn University.

In addition, we got useful feedback from the conference to develop the paper further.

Photo: 2nd POMAA conference (Crisis Research Centre, 2024).

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