Kopli 93 community members learned how to survive in the city

On May 11, trainers from the Defence League’s Women’s Voluntary Defence Organisation paid a visit to the Kopli 93 community facility. Specifically, members of the Kopli 93 community and Tallinn residents learned “How to Survive in the City” to learn how to cope without electricity, hot water from the tap, or poor weather.

The session also covered what supplies every person and family should have in the home, followed by a discussion about how to add to this list and tailor it to their specific needs. It was emphasised that it is critical to stock up on items that are truly used. For example, if you don’t eat fish, it’s not worth stockpiling canned fish; instead, focus on what your family is used to eating.

You should also stock 3 litres of water per person every day. It is also worth checking the supply of medicines, first aid kits, and sanitary supplies. In addition, cash for the family’s basic requirements, and if the family owns a car, keep the tank at least half full. There should be a battery-powered radio for information and a battery bank to keep your phone charged.

The training emphasises the significance of individual readiness, as the state and public services cannot always be relied on in a crisis. This is why it is critical to be prepared beforehand, as it will tremendously benefit local authorities and civil defence specialists.

🟧  The Civil Society Foundation is supporting the Kopli 93 project on behalf of the Estonian Ministry of the Interior.

Photo: Fourth training day (Crisis Research Centre, 2024).

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