Meeting on developing community-based civil defence

On November 21, we held a meeting at the North-Tallinn City District regarding the development of community-based population protection in the district. In a meeting with representatives from the district, the Salme Cultural Centre and Municipal Police Department, we discussed the development of community civil defence capacity in the district.

The development of community-based civil defence in Northern Tallinn is very important at the moment, as the Estonian Rescue Board is closing the rescue depot in Kopli due to the Estonian Ministry of the Interior’s cutback guidelines. This decision will affect 60 000 citizens of Tallinn.

The closure of the local rescue depot which has special capabilities (pollution control for example) is undermining the sense of security of the local community, with over 4000 signatures on the portal calling for the closure of the depot to be halted.

Crisis Research Centre thanks North Tallinn City District, Salme Cultural Centre and the Municipal Police Department for the meeting.

Photo: Crisis Research Centre, 2023.

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